02 Ogos 2010

SENI GRAFIK: Tipografi

Contoh-contoh kreativiti penyusunan huruf dalam sesebuah karya.

frozen by gomedia
the city by lovelyart2104

the idea by debruehe
Apple by seastyle
Suicide Letter typography art inspirational design
lemondesign typography
fool, gwb, typography, political

deviantart, typography, bodi002
deviantart, typography by drybones90
deviantart, typography by fuzzyzebra
deviantart, typography by smooth as sandpaper - beer drunk

freedom since when by get rained on
letters are mord than just words by dOrn
deviantart, typography by  debruehe
deviant art, typography art

commit suicide typography deviant art inspiration
comic sans artwork type
emotional by marlafinger

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